The discovery of the yawn



GAAP! is the result of the research that Wolter Seuntjens has conducted as his life work since 1986. His research began when the author wondered about unexpected and inappropriate yawns of conversational partners.

Shortly after the start of his research two things became apparent: first the yawn was revealed as a highly mysterious phenomenon of which only very few facts are indisputable. Secondly, among the few scientific facts concerning yawning that are indisputable the erotic and even the sexual play a certain role.

These two remarkable findings induced the author to have a go at unveiling the secret of the yawn. Because of this Seuntjens belongs to the select group of chasmologists or experts of yawning. In GAAP! the author presents a number of results of his quest as an introduction to chasmology.

The new notion that GAAP! presents is the theory that the yawn has an erotic and even a sexual dimension.

A new idea is delicate. It can be born by a yawn, but it should be carefully nurtured. For this GAAP! takes the first step.

Wolter Seuntjens


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